Wednesday, August 29, 2007

::they'll be home soon::

Jim Benoit was severely injured by an IED in Iraq. Shortly after his return from Iraq, he and Pam got married. They have spent the majority of their time since his return at Walter Reed Medical Center in DC. They lived in something like a hotel room in DC--the only accomodations that are handicapped accessable at Walter Reed are rooms without kitchens, so they only had a microwave. When not at Walter Reed, Jim and Pam Benoit call a trailer at Picatinny Arsenal home. Only half of the trailer is accessable to Jim when he is in his wheelchair because of the narrow hallway.

An organization called, "Homes for Troops" is building a new house for Jim & Pam in Wharton, NJ.

This is a peek at where they live now.

They try to visit the new house site every Saturday to take a look at the progress and say thank you to the volunteers building the house.

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