Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Step & Dance Competition at MLK Performing Arts Center

I recorded some of the stepping to put into a slide show. My audio equipment isn't great, so excuse the sound quality...I'm working on it.


I covered the inauguration viewing at John Paul Jones Arena in Charlotteville. I'm sure it was tame compared to the D.C. festivities, but I found it remarkable how many people wanted to be around other people in their community for this event - the fact that people lined up early in the cold to get into the arena to watch the swearing in shoulder-to-shoulder with strangers, was very moving.


I've heard many photographers groan when they have to cover a local meeting, but I'm a sucker for photographing a good meeting. There is something timeless about community meetings - in an age where people can organize themselves online, I like the fact that people still gather around a table and talk to other people in their community about issues.

Here are a few pics from a meeting at the Virginia Organization Project - the topic of the meeting was restoring voting rights to former felons in Virginia. Virginia and Kentucky are the only two states that don't automatically restore voting rights to ex-felons. The top photo is of the meeting organizer, Harold Folley.

::Mr. Williams::

I spent about an hour with Eugene Williams last week. What a great hour it was. Williams is a proponent of making affordable housing available in buildings throughout town as opposed to being limited to large, isolated blocks of housing. "The key principle that I've kept in mind was [that] we wanted to rehabilitate the property but also rehabilitate the people in the neighborhood,” said Williams, “I feel so strongly about Section 8 that I am not going to turn them down for any reason.”

Saturday, January 3, 2009

UVA vs. Rider U.

waiting out the clock in the last 30 sec. of the game...UVA 83, Rider 38.