Sunday, September 23, 2007

::Battle for Baby Dustin::

Dominick Bencivengo, 17, is fighting for custody of his five month-old son. The son was given up for adoption by his birth mother. Bencivengo was not aware that he had a son until after the baby had been placed with an adoption agency and a family. Bencivengo has now had two supervised visitations with his son and has been awarded one two-hour visit each week, alternating locations between his home in New Jersey and Hauppaug, Long Island, where the adoptive family lives.

Friday, September 21, 2007

::off day.::

great situation. interesting light. couldn't make a good picture.

::water water everywhere::

I was signed up for a triathlon last Sunday that turned into a duathlon because the testing of the water a few days before the race showed an excessively high "Fecal Coliform" count. I don't know what that is...haven't looked it up...but was glad to do an extra run instead of swimming in the "Fecal Coliform." While I know that this photo is just a reflection, it made me think of the race the weekend before.