Friday, February 8, 2008


Mr. Flatt waits for the Homeless Solutions van under the awning of a church door on The Green in Morristown on an icy day in Morris County.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

::go Giants::

Between assignments on a particularly colorless Saturday morning in Morris County I saw Alice pushing a shopping cart containing one grocery bag along the road. Pulled over a few blocks ahead and walked back to take her photo. After snapping a few frames, I crossed the street to ask her name. "This cart sucks," she told me before I had the chance to introduce myself. Then she just started talking. "I used to climb that tree over there...can't climb trees you have a boyfriend?...went to buy postage stamps at the A & P it is the only place in town that sells stamps that I know of because I can't walk to the Post you go to Morristown High School?...I got some wine for watching the thing tomorrow...get to see Manning and what's that other guy's name? Brady." Then she stopped and asked me, "Do you go to college?" I told her that I already went to college, to which she replied in a blatantly mocking tone (the way a kid on the playground would mock another), "I already went to college." We talked a bit more, she gave me her name (I asked for it) and her address (I didn't ask for it) and her age which she reiterated by displaying 8 fingers and then made the "0" sign. Waving goodbye as I crossed the street, I looked back to see Alice smiling and waving, "Don't get drunk," she yelled to me. Good advice.