Sunday, August 5, 2007

::the personal and professional::

I haven't yet decided if this blog is personal or professional. Perhaps in the best of all worlds the two are not separate...or is it a bad thing to not be able to separate the two when you are a journalist?

At any rate, today is my day off, so this entry is a little more personal.

||the birds and the b[b]s||

We thought that the bang bang noises in our neighborhood were fireworks being illegally set off during the day. But today I went out and saw that the noise seemed to coincide with these birds landing in the trees of a house that is caddy cornered from ours. Could they really be shooting at the birds? Who are these people? Are the birds really less pleasant than sounds of (what I hope is a) bb gun?

In Santa Fe, they'd call our red & green Subarus together "Christmas." Santa Feans use the term when asked about whether they'd like red or green chili on their breakfast burritos. If you want both, you answer "Christmas." Oh, Santa Fe Baking Company (aka SFBC), how I miss your breakfast burritos and iced coffee.

||growing up||

Our kitchen has been growing up fast recently. Walmart-born scorched pots and pans have been replaced by the shiny All-Clad stainless steel that I knew in my parent's house. Where there once was a temperamental white plastic coffee maker that I used to do battle with early in the morn, there is now a trustworthy stainless steel coffee maker that makes the morning stop by Dunkin' Donuts unnecessary. The kitchen is still in its adolescent stage though, as this bottle opener that I've had since college and the Homies that we used to collect from the candy machines at the supermarket in Ithaca still line the windowsill.

||where we live now||

This is where we live now. We've lived here for almost a year and we're moving...again. We're always moving. It isn't a bad thing necessarily. I've always been more comfortable when I am in motion and it seems that B & I are always in motion. I can't wait to move. I'll be closer to my work at the newspaper & we'll have an apartment that has a little less personality (that is a good thing).

||pot o' gold||

The change from our pockets occasionally ends up in this box that we call our pot of gold. Today, we counted the contents...sixteen bucks and change. Lafayette Theater, home of the Mighty Wurlitzer, here we come...

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