Monday, July 30, 2007


||August 1st, 2007|| new month, new blog

Where to begin, where to begin... I guess I'll play catch up and post a few things from this week.

||Maggie goes home||

Maggie, a therapy dog for children on the Autistic spectrum, rests with Samantha, a child in the family that began Maggie's basic training. Today, Maggie went home with a new family that has two boys who are autistic. "This is the hardest part," said Sharon Paul Carpenter about letting go of Maggie.

||Prayer Vigil||
Wind of the Spirit, a NJ based immigrant support group holds a prayer vigil in protest of the ProAmerica rally going on at town hall

Morristown, July 28, 2007--Angela Lampe, of Massapequa, NY, speaks into a microphone about the meaning of the term "American" at the protest to the ProAmerica Rally at Town Hall in Morristown on July 28, 2007. Lampe came to the United States from El Salvador in 1963

Adelina Arias (left) and Anna Rosa Garcia talk inside St. Margaret's church before the Wind of the Spirit Prayer Vigil, a counter-rally to the ProAmerica rally at Town Hall in Morristown on July 28, 2007.
In the parking lot of St. Margaret's Church, Chia-Chia Wang, of the Immigrant Rights Program in Newark, explains to Wind of the Spirit Prayer Vigil participants the rules for walking to the ProAmerica Rally taking place at Town Hall in Morristown.


"Sail, sail your boat" event at an old Mill in the NJ Park system. This is for our Tuesday photo column.

Feature hunting, but it turned into a photo for our photo column "Morris Moments." It was really fun to shoot basketball outside, free of strobes and wires and gym lighting.

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